Homes included in our End of Year Sales Event now qualify for EXTRA savings in addition to our regular incentive! These homes can also close by the end of 2022!
Dryden Enterprises is partnering with preferred lender, Silverton Mortgage, Jesup to help you receive a lower interest rate on your new home purchase! That translates to savings on your monthly payment! Both, Dryden Enterprises & Silverton Mortgage, Jesup, will contribute to buying down your interest rate making your monthly payment more affordable!
HAPPENING NOW! For homebuyers who lock in their rate before the end of November 2022, Dryden Enterprises will buy down the interest rate by 1 percentage point of the home sales price, and Silverton Mortgage will buy the interest rate down 1.5 percentage points of the home sales price! That’s over $1000 extra in savings!