We provide a home warranty from Quality Builder Warranty Corporation (QBW).  This warranty is composed of three parts, first year, second year, and ten year warranty, with coverage varying among each tier.

The first year of your warranty is maintained by Dryden Enterprises and is backed by Quality Builder Warranty Corporation. This year begins on your closing date and covers defective materials and workmanship. Examples of instances covered under first year would be issues of grading or poor drainage, electrical or plumbing issues, carpentry and more. Cosmetic issues such as paint are not covered under your warranty.

The balance of the warranty is backed by Quality Builder Warranty Corporation and covers defects in electrical wiring, failing septic systems and other severe issues. Your ten year warranty covers any structural defects, should they occur. We are proud to uphold these warranties because our homes in Liberty County, Georgia are of superior quality and craftsmanship. Reference the infographic below for a more detailed view of your warranty specifics.

If you have any questions regarding your warranty, please call our office during normal working hours or submit a request below!